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BICS helps pharma Industry to expand its use of outsourcing to include more strategy industry specific activity, creating emerging market for service providers. We help pharma companies to face Challenges like industry competition, health care reform, bringing new rugs to market.

Digital Mobile

BICS helps Sales rep from the Diabetes franchise to manage account, contact, call, event, sale order details in both online & offline mode.

Digital Sales Cloud

BICS creates ad deploys web Portal were the pharmacist can place order purchase in order to have sustained business relations with their client and their business Partner.

Digital Marketing Cloud

BICS helps client to send emails to their customer and develop real relationships with customers by sending right messages to the right customers through the right channels.

Digital Decks

BICS designs HTML5 Decks and connects customer with iPad device which is compatible for Salesforce tools like DSA, DSF, MxExchange and iRep (Veeva CRM).